Friday, March 06, 2020

A message from our sponsor

Says the man from the past with the worried and serious look: "The Tories are in power for the next five years, your freedoms are being eroded, your rights are being dismantled, your media is distorting facts and cherry picking the news you see, your courts, justice systems and health services are being dismantled, religion and corrupt businesses and old school colonialism view you only as a slave and you are being controlled, manipulated and lied to on a daily basis. If you're happy with that, fair enough, I just hope you don't choke on it all and that you can avoid getting a Corona-virus sledgehammer cocktail next time your standing at a robot till in Tesco waiting for human help. If you're not happy with this situation then give yourself a good shake and join me in the underground. Otherwise have a good weekend. Cheers!"

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