Sunday, March 01, 2020

Typical Sunday

A healthy portion of Corona. Part of your 5 a day.
Typical Sunday so far: A quick run out to the airport in the pouring rain, aquaplaned vehicles strewn across the carriageway, debris getting cleared up, some storm moving cross country etc.  For breakfast a nice petri dish of Corona Virus with a side of virtual reality and a small dose of actual reality. All quite tricky to digest. Flushed out some hidden IKEA boxes that were hiding out but no longer hidden as they've been caught. Short but inwardly effective rant to myself about the government and it's complete lack of competence and credibility (this line of thought is really a mental rabbit hole that actually has no rabbits and isn't a hole it's just a dark and unpleasant experience). For lunch some Eno & Fripp placed in alphabetical order rather than alpha male order. Now I'm headed out to panic buy a bottle of wine. Done.

One day all your fine album covers will look like this.

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