Friday, March 06, 2020

Unreliable food blogging

Rudyard's Burger Bar, Houston Texas.
Khruangbin connections: Rudyard's Burgers are a thing and I'm easily taken up on a flight of fancy by interesting menus and the thought of actually eating there once a week, that's strange. Sandwiches are just called "Witches", a good idea, why did we not think of that? The promising sounding  "Not a Shitty House Salad" would be fun to order and generally the food looks to be reasonably priced when compared with the local fare in the SQ badlands. I'm referring to eateries such as Down the Hatch, Little Bakery and Manna House etc. No direct correlation is easy between here and Houston Texas so it's meaningless. 

You could read a series of full reviews based on my musings and  imaginary visits to other imaginary restaurants in the always truthful and reliable Daily Telegraph (on-line only). Click here to be amused to death.

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