Thursday, March 05, 2020

Another day another cat another plague

Social and medical anxiety: Having what appears to be a regular, 2020, normal winter cold isn't a good thing at the moment, it never is of course but with Corona on the loose and massive health campaigns running (like my nose) on hand washing and kissing and traveling I feel like I'm sitting in the guilty corner. Am I unclean, a health hazard, a plague victim who should be ringing a bell up and down the street? Should I do what everyone else seems to do, feel a bit iffy so head off on a skiing holiday regardless and then happily infect most of Italy then go back to my day job in PR? It's the perfect time to panic.

So there's a bit of conflict based on how well I might know and recognize my regular seasonal ailments or failings. I'm not medically astute but I think I know myself, mostly. So this cold seems normal, a two/three day sneeze fest and a head that's muggy like the tail end of a serious hangover. Nothing to see here folks, all things must pass. So I'm self isolating in a low key way. I'm avoiding public transport, I'm using robot tills and petrol pumps, I'm ordering coffee to take out and I'm holding in any potential public cough or snuffle as if it was a bout of career ending diahorrea. I wont be shaking hands, buying the Big Issue or attending any crowded public events. I'm just going to sit here with my pot of home made soup and a big bag of muesli and watch the world burn.

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