Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Alternative Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

 Full on meat and two veg stuff from the great man himself. The subjects being Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto having a night out on the tiles.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to get a conversation starting kitchen ceiling for yourself. Villa Aurora in Rome is up for sale, looking for reasonable offers of  around 471m Euros. "No time wasters" I'd imagine. Some local decorator called Caravaggio did the ceilings apparently, based on instructions from the man from Del Monte. To be honest I don't think it's nearly his best piece of work. The project ran about 500 years ago so some renovation work might be required if you're handy with the Dulux. Also when I say kitchen I really mean alchemy laboratory (a bespoke feature not offered in enough modern homes) but as not much has changed with Italian food over the years so you'll be safe enough.

From yesterday's Guardian:

“Del Monte bought property there, which he restructured before commissioning Caravaggio to paint the mural in his lab, which was only a very small room,” said Alessandro Zuccari, a history professor at Sapienza University in Rome who oversaw the valuation of the mural. “It’s an extraordinary work which was difficult to put a price on, seeing as it was the only mural ever done by Caravaggio and so we had nothing to compare it to.”

Zuccari valued the mural, painted by Caravaggio when he was in his 20s, at no less than €310m. The entire property will go on auction on 18 January with an opening bid of €471m.

The building also contains rooms frescoed by the baroque painter Guercino, who was commissioned by the Ludovisi family, a noble family with close ties to the papacy who bought the property from Del Monte.

Some luck with the Lottery numbers may be required as well as having a few reliable pals "established in the trade".

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