Saturday, October 30, 2021

Your Own Personal Sludge Pit

Meta: Sadly 😉 there appears to me no place for the likes of me in the brave new world as landscaped by the artists formerly known as Facebook. Such a tragedy that it should come to this. Having said that I'd honestly have to say that FB became a "sludge pit" quite sometime ago and as I see from my occasional visits it mainly consists of sludgy and badly targeted advertisements and indeed a few reasonably interesting animal videos. 

I feel FB is a bit like "You've Been Framed" but on the web with cat-food advert injections and no matter how Mr Zuck wriggles, it's feels pretty much out of time and out of ideas. It's also living (almost) proof that zealous Boomers really do fuck up every digital platform they get their hands on. I wonder how well the new and presumably super-woke youth-focused strategy will stand up to the test of time? No one will ever know, they'll be lost forever in their Second Life II Meta-verse. 

As for "flagship products", that's a worrying term.

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