Friday, October 29, 2021

Empty Rooms of the Mind

Music in the mass media and the strangulation of unfamiliar sounds: The problem ... with (most) old school radio DJs and music TV presenters is/was that they always like/loved every bloody thing they played, even if it was rubbish, as was/is often the case. As if we didn't/don't know that it's all play-listed anyway and they are just spouting vacuous enthusiasm and curating nothing original. 

In so doing they falsified, degraded and destroyed a great deal of the real time musical record and the impact of what was really being listened to elsewhere in the country across bedrooms, clubs and concert halls. They got away with it, as act of ignorant stealth. And that ladies and gentlemen is why I just stopped listening one day and moved on to independent playlists and setting up my own squirreled, whimsical and timeless listings up for myself. In truth I seldom bother to listen to them these days either.

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