Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Death of a lifelong Socialist

It seems that the now completely delusional Mr Brown began his key-note speech by telling Labour members they were "the fighters and believers who change the world - we have changed the world before and we are going to do it again". I pity any sane person who paid money to attend this conference and listen to this rubbish, they deserve their money back. More free flowing pish followed:

Mr Brown announced a string of new policies, including:

  • Ten hours of free childcare a week for 250,000 two-year-olds from families "on modest or middle incomes" - paid for by scrapping tax relief for better-off families
  • A plan to house 16 and 17-year-old single parents in state-run shared houses rather than council flats
  • A £1bn "innovation fund" to boost industry
  • A new National Care Service to "provide security for pensioners for generations to come"
  • A commitment, enshrined in law, that allocates 0.7% of GDP to international aid.
Nothing like fiddling in the margins whilst the country goes down the tubes. How about:
  • Ten hours of free childcare during the stupidly planned "in-service days " that compromise the lives of every parent with schoolkids.
  • A plan to house 16 and 17-year-old single parents in supportive family environments.
  • A £1bn "innovation fund" to invest in some much needed public sector projects - filling up bloody potholes in the roads.
  • A new National Care Service to "provide the offer of a £75k grant (paid at age 65) to those who volunteer for euthanasia at 75."
  • A commitment, enshrined in law, that allocates 0.7% of GDP to UK based charities and not corrupt despotic African governments.
  • Getting some adult level of responsibility, honour and accountability back into politics and banking for crying out loud! (I sneaked this extra one in).
I find it hard to stomach the car crash that is the current Labour Government, ill fitting, talentless and ill informed and sadly led to the edge of this sorry precipice by a Scotsman - that's the part that hurts the most. It should've run to a completely different script but it hasn't, come next June we'll be plucked from the drab despair of Labour into the eager and waiting arms of the glib, inexperienced and arrogant Conservatives: Abandon hope here and as for the Liberal Democrats, their naivety and their stupid policies are even harder to take, a vote for Mussolini would seem more relevant and worthwhile albeit he never did get the trains to run on time. Time for revolution methinks.


  1. This is a little bit of a rant! xx

  2. Careful with that sickle, Eugene.