Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I like

This Antoria is made in China as a part of some revised badge engineering stunt so it is really something other than what it seems to be, like many things but it's a good, cheap, tacky guitar - I tell myself.

1. Looking over the top of my glasses.
2. not using capital letters or punctuation
3. Making fun of the Edinburgh Trams.
4. The East Coast.
5. Guitars that are quirky or unconventional.
6. Haggis, neeps and mash.
7. Skyplus.
8. Lightscribe as an idea but not in practice.
9. Feeding the cats.
10. Expecting the disappointment the Sunday papers provide.
11. Not checking lottery numbers.
12. Not having to be right all the time.
13. Lists of 13.

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  1. Indie
    wow... find it interesting... hope it'll be beneficial for me and my friends...