Friday, September 25, 2009

Psychic spys from China

Spent another Friday night in the company of Derren Brown and a bottle of red wine. As per previous weeks I remain unpsychic, uninspired and not connected to the great astral spheres turning above and the flickering and focused mind games playing out. I am however duly entertained and I like the adverts and the anticipation - often the best thing in life. One day I'll see Stonehenge clearly or stick to my chair for the weekend but for the mean time I'll walk around the room and scribble images of pots and kettles. The rest of the family's attempts were more abstract than mine and open to interpretation...they're all more insightful, potent and sensitive than I am, so perhaps much closer to the target.

Today we welcome mini Shogun "Messy" into the family, charcoal black, rugged and ready for the fields, the ditches, the potholes and the motorways - all in real time 4WD and black leather.


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    please spare the universe from this mindless drivel

  2. Many thanks for the kind and constructive comment (above) from ip address 89.241.252.#, I see you are blacklisted by a number of providers, well done. No doubt the combination of your desire to see freedom of speach prevail and a cowardly need to remain anonymous will make this world a far better place for all of us.