Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Isle of Wight in the distance

"Like Icarus ascending over beautiful sewage farms, I tell Amelia it was just a false alarm" - Mis-heard Joni Mitchell lyrics, no. 23 in an infinite series. Isle of Wight in the far distance.

A unusually pleasant start to the day, some of it spent flying over the Isle of Wight, shimmering in the early morning sunshine and appearing quite unexpectedly through a gap in the cloudland blue. After that it was back to earth and a nice cooked breakfast in Southampton airport, not five star but adequate and a rare opportunity to scan today's Times, sip coffee and people watch.

When I got home a double disc special bells and whistles edition of "Magnolia" was waiting for me, a snip a £3.00 on Amazulu. I suppose I should insert the numerous discs one by one into the DVD player but I cant be bothered right now. I'm too excited about "It might get loud" magically manifesting itself soon to concentrate on any thing else at all. It's likely that bitter disappointment looms but who cares, living in wild expectation is great.

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