Thursday, February 06, 2014

Auld Grey Toun

I once got married here in the 1970s (in the building not the white van), as did my wife...but not to each other. 
I like the faded signs on buildings that illustrate some former life or use. Nice bend in the roof there.
Cafe Giacomo has not changed a bit since way back when, still does a good coffee. Now filled with OAPs who presumably dislike Starbucks and Costa and their clones.
A costlier than normal Thursday morning spent in a damp and characteristically grey Dunfy. First there was the timing belt replacement for the high milage Volvo (including a water pump and fresh water) a full on and impressive eye test at Specsavers*, a bacon roll and coffee and some random shopping experiences. I took the opportunity to snap a few of the fine sights on offer (?) amid the pound and charity shops, some of which are rendered and displayed above for no good reason other than to fill the otherwise empty blog canvas - that sums it all up really. I returned to work in the afternoon a sadder, wiser, happier, fitter and more rounded and properly eye-tested man, I think.

*Recommended - a good experience and a fine science lesson, no kidding.

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