Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Political reform and prawns

The girders have arrived*. 
Timber constructs in the rain*.
Politics are generally shit: I was listening to the SNP's John Swinney on the radio this morning, he was asked the same straight question four times. The question was "Alex Salmond said it would cost English business £500m a year to trade with Scotland if there is no shared currency, how much then will it cost Scottish business to trade with England?" He refused to answer and struggled and stammered around various related topics. He did not answer the question at all. He didn't try, he had no intention of providing a figure, he didn't even accept that there might be one. In those few moments he lost my respect and any credibility he should have had as a paid representative of the Scottish people. Of course regardless of the "party" any given politician will dodge an awkward subject any way possible and that's what's wrong. That's what they do unfortunately,  all the time and in every (so called) debate. 

If Scotland ever becomes independent then we should start again, we should have a change, the outworking of politics and political behaviour's should change. There should be truth and, if the situation allows it, collaboration and agreement if a solution is good. No more negative sniping, lies and blindly following the "lines to take" of party promptings. A brave new world of non-political and honest politics. Nice, naive and stupid perhaps but with the present set up and the greedy needy types and vested interests that still run riot in our party system I doubt it could freely happen. Maybe if Russell Brand's anarchists could find a voice, the great unheard masses, if not voting counted for something, if it was seen as a real expression of something then it just might make a difference but nobody in the "real" world of politics would ever acknowledge that idea.

Up all night to drink Buckie: I hear that the northern fishing village of Buckie will be amongst the first in the UK (?) to receive super fast broadband. How might they use this great gift and tool? The prawn industry? The porn industry? Facebook likes and cat videos?Super fast bingo and poker? Or will they just compose reflective poems, pieces of pastoral music and write novels about their happy and benign relationships with nature and technology as they live in harmony with all things modern up there on the Moray Coast? I wonder.

*As usual the photos are not at all connected with the main text.

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