Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quiet Interlude

Saw this movie (WoWS) yesterday, I didn't ever understand the whole quiet interlude thing until now, a whole piece of drug culture in the 70s and 80s that thankfully passed me by. My excuse being that I wasn't into disco at all and I wasn't in New York. That's reasonable and on balance probably a very good thing.
So you have a ragged fingernail and you go to the bathroom to get the nail clippers to clip the nail but absentmindedly you clip the wrong nail and you turn and leave the bathroom and you realise that you now have two ragged fingernails so you go back into the bathroom and pick up the clippers and clip both nails to even them up and everything seems fine then you feel like your nose is blocked but you cant quite figure out which nostril it is but you blow your nose and though it feels better you just know that something's not right so you decide to clear your head once and for all so you sit down a read a bit on the web all about what George Orwell really thought of mass sporting events like football or the olympics and you think about that for a while and decide it's an astute set of observations and why did you not think of it before? but you didn't and now another fingernail feels ragged and your nose still feels a tad blocked up and you're no George Orwell either.

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