Monday, February 10, 2014

Easy to be wonderful

Catch up. While walking down here yesterday morning and taking arty photographs I met my old English teacher, I hadn't seen him for 42 years. How strange, and we both recognised each other, had a quick chat and then just  walked on...100 yards from our house.
Radio Days and Hell is Other People. In the Seventies folks used to say of Radio 1, "it's easy to be wonderful (as the jingle ran) when you're the only one." I fell out of any love I ever had for Radio 1 a long time ago and have spent thirty odd years in the wilderness hopping digital, FM and podcasted yesterday when on a three hour car journey with the kids I relented and listened to the weekend Chart Show. The surprising thing was that the music wasn't all bad and I quite enjoyed most of it and duly dumped a ton of my prejudice and had a nice time. I felt bad for missing most the the 80s, 90s and 00s and becoming a becalmed and stranded rock snob (this is all a bit exaggerated) and a general fashionista musical dullard. What I didn't like and what I realise is completely wrong in pretty much all available music radio are the useless DJs and presenters. Yesterday's vacuous Radio 1 woman had two words; incredible and amazing. These apply to everything it seems and are surgically pasted in with gushing and enthusiastic energy to each tune via some badly structured sentence or phrase. So it turns out I'm awake and aware and I quite like the modern world and modern music after all, it's the just people in it that get me.

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