Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Burroughs at 100

Art: William Burroughs (a "profound cultural influence" some would have it and some would say) would have been 100 today had he not died. That's a common problem and it will become even more common as more writers and artists become famous and then die. Not enough heavy industry and manufacturing in the west so we've gone completely  to seed and just produce artists and thinkers these days, not actual useful stuff or machines more's the pity. Here's an odd interview from 1975 when the man who in his writing inadvertently named more rock bands than anybody else was still alive and pondering energy, music and other stuff.

Science: Mouthwash, Bonjela and Rennies are, when taken together a potent force in the extermination of mouth ulcers apparently. There is however little or no proper scientific research or actual evidence to support this. I may be blazing and lonely, sad but vital trail that will benefit all sufferers. A full report will be issued in due course.

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