Sunday, February 16, 2014

Unreliable evidence

The sands on the beach, swept clean every day by the rising, relentless and soulless tidal forces care nothing for my five second stick sketch that amused my grandchildren for all of a further five seconds. Now darkness has fallen, rain, hail and winds have played across the river and high water has come and gone so ... that's about that then. I have however provided this unreliable evidence of just such an artistic and pointless event earlier this morning, there may be many others out there.

Speaking of unreliable things I give you George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls; three men who would struggle to find a useful occupation for themselves outside of the grimy and negative world of modern politics. These people do not deserve to hold the lofty positions they inhabit, they set a poor example to all and their current common message that seeks to deny and delude not only the Scots but all of the UK population should be consigned to the Westminster landfill site wherever under the House of Commons that may be. So as alternative we now have the notion of the Ginger Bottle solution.

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