Monday, February 17, 2014

The great grey gig in the sky

Grey trees 
Clough and Taylor with empty glasses
16 Bit Mona Lisa and Korean tourists.
Today was so dull and grey it was as if great sheets of grey fogginess were oozing out of my ears and plastering the world with their damp and dank unkindness. Normally I ignore the relentless weather and other non-comical natural effects; today (mostly spent on the west coast in those monochrome and troubled hills) it was never ending. I felt flushed with the certain, new and hidden knowledge that I stood, like some anxious Guardian reader on the edge of the precipice, looking down and into the black hole that mark the last days, the final battle, the groaning struggle and capitulation against global warming's dire effects. We all, and our 5000+ years of dumb civilisation and religious ignorance were being slowly fizzled away in some grey ooze and contaminated flood of turds, alcoholic sewage and broken wind farm components; the planet washed clean but still leaving those nasty stains you can't beat. Our feeble efforts at mitigation as disappointing in their performance as fast acting Vanish on red wine or one of those detergents you rub in with a plastic knobbly ball. The earth is now as good as dead...well all the humans are, drowned in their own filth and shit and guess what? "All they left us (that's the intelligent and conscious bacteria talking I presume) was a big skid mark." 

On the way home it stopped raining once I got over the Kincardine Bridge...we live on but maybe on another day...

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