Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Other people's ideas

Ideas: One of those dull mornings driving past Stirling Castle when China Girl came on the radio. BAM! I immediately decided that it was the best and truest pop single of all time and that it deserved more recognition, then on came Don't Fear the Reaper so I gave up on that train of thought  (lingering on another Kevin Ayers music thing for seconds) - so straight back to the Radio Scotland debate on carers and metal detection. It's one of many random mind streams that come and go now that I'm no longer denying myself that pleasurable poison known as alcohol. The dry January flopped for me (or foppled as I nearly typed). I hoped to feel brand new and invigorated, filled with ideas, passion and clear and incisive thinking. None of that came close to happening. January was mostly an inspirational flat line of an experience. Beware good ideas, noble causes and other people's recommendations for how you should behave or live your life. Amen.

Facejacker: Facebook it 10 years old and I see by my time line and greatest hits and most liked posts options that I've been a slave to the blue beast for 7 long years (groan), where has my life gone? Next time just give up alcohol, caffeine, politics and Facebook snooping, and using fewer question marks.

Misadventures: Cats running across wet concrete and then into and around your house is not an early evening experience I'd wish on anybody. It did happen today and a frantic and busy period of  cleaning floors, couches and cats followed. Ugh.

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