Thursday, November 10, 2016

All tomorrow's parties

Jury's out on this as yet incomplete Raven II. Hopefully the guitar will turn out to be a decent player. It's not been an easy build mainly falling foul of the measure twice cut/drill once thinking. This has led to lengthy spells of lengthy rework, well it takes me ages sometimes just to solder a bit or drill a few holes accurately. Maybe it'll be done tomorrow or maybe not.

Here's a strange figure down by the shore, possibly me in another recent life trying to work up an appetite. Can't tell for sure. For the record today's food consumption looks a lot like this:

1 x cuppa tea, 3 x cuppa coffee, 1 x cereal bar, 2 x big Sainsburys cookies, 1 x pot of yogurt, 1 x Actimal, 1 x bowl of homemade chicken and veg soup, 1 x cheese, tomato, beetroot and salmon salad, 3 x slices of three cheese bread. That'll do.

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