Friday, November 04, 2016

Stopping the rot

Like the saturated timbers of the Mary Rose or the Great Pyramid keys structural parts of old buildings need cleaning and preservation regimes in place to keep them from turning really tatty. I've been doing a bit of that, just to beat the tat. Clear and unambiguous instructions are important and it's even more important that you follow them and don't drop the tin or drink the liquid. Butterfingers. Open the Ronseal carefully, apply with care, step back with care, avoid damp or excessive moisture with care, let it dry with care, watch it with care, clean the brush with care, store any remaining product with care, once dry apply a second coat with care (6 hours drying time). Live carefully. Don't touch wet paint with or brush against it without care. Don't thoughtlessly step into any older building that may be suffering from rot. It's risky. You may go through the floor or the ceiling might collapse on you and that would never do. 

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