Monday, November 14, 2016


You can always trust our trusty supermarkets to promote possibly poisonous items as bait to the unprepared or unthinking shoppers, just to mess with their heads a little. These odd juice cocktails being a prime example but one which works (for me anyway) and they operate under the guise of appearing to be healthy in some way. Why these aisle end items appeal to me is not clear. I'm drawn by some magnetic force to buy and try these beverage based social experiments and so far I'm living to tell the tale. I've already downed a bottle of pea green asparagus and apple so why should apple, beetroot and blackcurrant phase me. It's actually quite a delightful flavour and as for carrot and orange, well that's been a soup for many years so why not a drink? So far no side effects other than that odd sense of well being you get when consuming something labeled around fruit and veg as opposed to junk. Image is everything and cost is another.

The start of something neither big nor small, just mildly interesting.

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