Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obscured by cloud

I caught an early morning, blurry glimpse of the fabled super moon. An unexpected smattering of blue grey sky came over from Australia and freed us from cloudy normality. My pin hole camera however failed to do justice to the celestial spectacle. At least I've seen it so now I won't feel left out in imaginary pub conversations or if I happen to engage with any Lycra clad triathlon trainee who's skipping past the front door. I have seen the moon in full iMax perfection but without the costly apparatus.

Still on the subject of space we caught up on "Mars" a kind of docu-drama on the History Channel. It's a watchable, well made piece of SpaceX sales propaganda that flits between 2016 (round about now) and 2033, when a launch to Mars is a real event. Lots of heavy talking heads provide the big pitch in well telegraphed segments. 

Anyway having recently returned from Cape Canaveral and spied out the various locations shown it's a nice reminder of our balmy summer time tourist encounters. The casting however looks a bit clunky to me, as usual they've put a Captain Kirk type in as flight commander. I've already written him out in my version but I suspect that he'll somehow make it through despite quickly becoming a heroic dead weight on the mission. 

I wonder what the new Commander in Chief Mr Trump makes of this? Has he any taste for science fiction and is he even aware that there is such a thing as science? He talks a lot of fiction. I'm not sure I've ever heard him wax lyrically about space travel either. But if you really want to make America great...

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