Friday, November 04, 2016

Going Forth

Sitting in the car at Limekilns waterfront, sipping a (surprisingly good) coffee from Stephens and watching the light play on the water and flash and hide through and between clouds. The air temperature is 6C, the sun is working hard but not hard enough. Too chilly for a walk, I've not enough layers in place today either. I had some thoughts at the time, clearly they were not important because they are gone, just passing things negotiating an idle and parked up mind before setting themselves free. 

When I got home a bird was trapped inside the kitchen flue. I could hear it scratching and fluttering against the metal, the cats were agog. I had to remove the back cover to let it escape. I did hesitate for a few moments before I did this. I wondered if I should intervene or let nature take it's course but then I thought on how cruel nature is, so I went outside, got up the ladder, fiddled with screws and bits and opened it all up. There was just silence from the black tube so I left it open for a while. I guess the bird eventually escaped, the noises have gone. It kind of made up for the bird the cats killed the other day, or maybe not.

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