Sunday, November 06, 2016

Weekend with added invalid bit depth

The sun sets all across what looks like Scotland's answer to Ayer Rock but clearly isn't. It is a big hill however set a long way from Australia.
Nice weekend of road trippy travel gave us a day out in the highlands. Peace, good company and some sharply cold but agreeable weather. 

Invalid bit depth: I almost love the strange messages returned to dumb users from websites when uploading files. A meaningless stream of Google inducing technical madness and jargon. No rational human ever spoke or communicated this way. It's like watching some slow fit taking place. Words and terms pulled together and all pleasingly incomprehensible and seldom with a hint of a direction for help so not only has your first "simple task" failed you now enter a new world of pain and wild goose chases to try to resolve the fault. 

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