Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Steps across the water

Food thoughts beside the edge: Back to standing on the brink, staring into the distant space and wondering what to have along with my reformatted Fife Diet pot of beef and vegetable soup. Food is a vital daily ritual round here. Bread or bread rolls and various kinds of aloof and posh cheeses top the list presently but frankly, it's a tough decision. No beetroot, neither baby or sliced has been considered either. As the waves crash, the wake of now far away ships passes across and massages the shore whilst the wind howls; I decide upon olive bread with some low fat cheese and a slow dipping, hand made regime. Then I'll nip back and empty the dishwasher and may even go on to tackle the tumble drier with all it's high liquid content, heat and mysterious black fluff. The water and it's restless energy and sooting sounds caught in these wide open spaces generates such profound thinking.

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