Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Cauliflower Cheese

Trump won because, despite his hypocrisy, lies, bullying, lack of experience and generally terrible behaviour he represented to the American voters an alternative to the political elite who, despite numerous opportunities and a wealth of resources have failed time after time to deliver the changes and demonstrable levels of fairness and justice  that people naturally desire. He will be a disastrous and dangerous president no doubt but his election (like the UK Brexit outcome) can only be useful if it serves as a clear warning to the "liberal political elite" that they must revolutionise their own approach to their stale, self serving and corrupt career driven politics if they want to return to power. 

Party politics, constant bickering and the inability to ever credit opponents even with the germ of a good idea is no foundation for government and for directing the fate of millions of people and the running of healthy and prosperous economies. Trump has achieved the unthinkable and the cost to us all will be enormous but we need to learn from this disaster and across all of the political spectrum actively work to change the very nature of our failed systems. In the mean time I propose to fortify myself with a portion of hot cauliflower cheese whilst I ponder my next set of actions for 2016.

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