Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Does Tusk suck?

Standing or at least remaining seated and not falling asleep or picking your nose in the presence of giants: I am now in the slow process of travelling back in time 37 years to the release of Tusk by Fleetwood Mac. At the time some said it was pish, no Rumours etc. Some said it was cool and experimental, others said too long, too thin on content. I didn't say anything, I was renovating a cottage and experiencing fatherhood for the first time, life was not straightforward and I was happy enough listening to a battered copy cassette of Rumours anyway. Music like that was on the back burner, I had other stuff to do. Time has passed so I'm now catching up on 1979's outstanding business via digital remastering, truly I don't know why but I sense a gap needs filling somehow (I'm also working through a cavernous Steely Dan gap via blurry YouTube renditions). It seems that there are many ways to make peace with the world but fewer ways to make peace with yourself without baffling revisitation and foggy exploration. 

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