Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More pictures of the sky

Ten things that successful people sometimes do:

1. Take the headlights off the car, fiddle, fix and change a bulb. Top up the oil in another car.
2. Eat two bananas one at a time.
3. Split some logs just for fun.
4. Check out the woods and invasive ivy (still pretty much there but under control).
5. Exercise apprentice drum machine operator antics, coordination C+, concentration C-.
6. Observe one fire engine, one Coast Guard pickup, one ambulance, one police car passed the door.
7. Walk out to see what the fuss was all about...fuss far away. Lifeboat in the water but headed East. All appliances stood down shortly thereafter (except for household ones).
8. Sort cardboard and recycling materials.
9. Check the "Build a Bear" website.
10.Take a few pictures of the sky, keep some and discard the rest.

That was yesterday but only up to a vague point in time.

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