Friday, April 10, 2020

28 Days and a fire drill

Daily Strudel, in the current climate a strudel a day keeps the medical profession away for a reasonable time, all being well.

As it's Good Friday I've decided to abandon my religion(s) once and for all in the sweet candlelight of meditation and reflection, what a relief and load dumped from my mind that is. I may indulge in the odd Ester egg however. Hell awaits as sure as eggs are chocolate.

Losing track of time is nothing new for me but this has been going on for a long time now. Trapped in this bizarre world of disease and government skullduggery and incompetence, it's not even a good sci-fi script any more. There's no Bladerunner soft underbelly or noir tones, it's just posh, over grown school boys showing us that they don't know how to behave or take responsibility for their lack of action while things break down and people suffer. 

So to brighten things up we had a fire drill this morning, an unplanned and impromtu one set off by an unattended grill set to low and ignored. The cats reacted perfectly and bolted out through the cat flap in seconds the instant the smoke alarm sounded. We can learn a lot from them. Humans are of course slower to react and whilst I issued ridiculous orders mostly to myself I was as confused as any 65 year old would be in a potentially burning house. Good to know your capabilities. 

Eventually the red hot and smouldering grill pan was identified and retrieved and our systems reset as you would on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise. And plop, we splash back into our locked down and ill informed present day, whatever one this may be (Good Bad Friday, see above).

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