Monday, April 20, 2020

When your seven worlds collide

The folklore of environmental challenge comes alive.
First hour of the day:

A time to wake up before the alarm.
A nasty draught and a stiff neck.
A minor coincidence involving Cheltenham Racecourse.
A bar of chocolate at the wrong time.
A walk through the woods and the discovery of a picnic area.
A struggle to the top of a steep hill.
A cracked windscreen worsened by frost.
A large bird roosting on the corner of our house.
A street where the house numbers that are completely out of order.
A police car passing slowly.
A dish of rhubarb and yogurt.
A stranger wondering around inside your house.
A short stint at cat wrangling.
A Tesco delivery driver phoning from Folkstone.
A tiny error in the paintwork rectified by one burst from a spray can.
A moment of forgetfulness involving a mobile phone.
A loose slab under the gravel.
A quick shower during which you finally get to the bottom of the shower gel.
A two Porsche driveway.
A time to make sure that wall mounted furniture is stable and safe.
A sunny morning but a cool breeze.

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