Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Bricks and Coffee

In my spare time (which I seem to have plenty of) I collect psychedelic bricks. In less troubled times I'd be meeting up with fellow enthusiasts on Sunday mornings and comparing notes, brick styles, scoffing coffees and the like, it's not happening at the moment though.
Slow day, mainly working on my brick collection, out there in the weather, concentrating on getting them together in one distinct area. Previously they were scattered around the garden in no clear order. Some idiot did that in the past, that's when most things happen. Now now I've got them in piles, six per level and in an interlocking pattern. It's been a satisfying if tiring time for me. Those who know about these things know that some measure of interlocking is important when dealing in bricks, just look at any house or reasonably well constructed Lego example. 

Yes, there's a lot to bricks and a lot to admire and say about them, hence the vital nature of the regular Bricks & Coffee circuit where like minded brick aficionados can exchange tips and techniques. I wonder if, when things start to improve, that all aficionados should regularly meet up at Nandos? Maybe they don't have to be brick experts, just a certain type of person. That's for another time though. I'll certainly not be  taking part in their blethers until the hysteria that will arrive with the new age of unfettered virus free normality dies back to a civilized whimper.

A regular brick-fest.

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