Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Staying positive

I saw a #clapforboris tag on twitter: I certainly won't clap for BJ but I don't wish him any further illness either. That's it. I prefer to applaud the "ordinary" efforts in the NHS, in services and shops, in homes and in families that are ongoing and extraordinary. Day in day out. Keeping it together, keeping things going, running sizable risks and living with fear in highly uncertain times.  There's so many good people struggling and just plain putting up that deserve to be celebrated and better rewarded. But the entitled few who see themselves as above all this, in power and preaching, beyond accepting advice or acting upon it, happy to be secret life hypocrites as they soar in some lofty intellectual and rarefied air where they can do as they please, looking down with disdain at the common man far below, well they can just fuck off.

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