Sunday, April 26, 2020

Repeat Until Complete

Another tedious mention for DIY masks and their simple construction using socks etc.

We, as reasonably compliant citizens remain currently locked down in a space station in inner space where you don't need a mask, however when venturing out in the rarefied atmosphere of a Corona Virus world, mask wearing is a good idea, so as to avoid any viral spores and nasty floaters (hopefully).

As a general methodical and respectful reminder, here is (as below) how you build an exclusive wardrobe of fashionable but somewhat non-compliant face masks simply with scissors, socks and coffee filters (or whatever filter/tissue paper you might have available). It's not our method, just passing it on. Come the day of compulsory wearing of masks in public etc. etc. these might actually be useful. What seems crazy or uncomfortable today may well prove to be completely acceptable tomorrow.

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