Thursday, April 02, 2020

Your own personal respite

Following in the illustrious footsteps of the equally illustrious David Hockney I'm releasing an exclusive set of pieces of my own art to act as a "respite from the news". They are above and below: Firth of Forth Rainbow Distortions 1, 2 and 3. That's it. Enjoy your brief respite.

I am not at the moment holed up in a farmhouse in Normandy with only my assistants and dogs for company, in fact there are few similarities between us. I'm a simple retiree with latent charlatan tendencies and he's a respected artist, part of that stellar establishment firmament mere mortals can only gaze at from a safe distance or partake of via BBC4 or iPlayer (always available). Of course we are both elderly (?) gents who still possess at sparkle in our eyes and a deft touch when it comes to manipulating computer graphics and related playthings occasionally. We've little else in common really. He probably enjoys fine wines on a regular basis, I enjoy bottom shelf wine on a regular basis but it's all OK. I've been to Normandy, nothing against it, it's fine as is the rest of France but I could take it or leave it right now.

So what made me happy today and gave me personal respite?  (Which was in fact yesterday):

Ali and I having another early morning walk around the town.
Cat did a poo in the garden after about 6 weeks of litter tray exploits.
Bought Dettol and toilet roll at the shop.
Enjoyed a cinnamon and apple hot cross bun for elevenses.
The sun shone through from time to time.
Had my hands sanitized in a supermarket queue. It felt like some strange baptism but I enjoyed the temporary feeling of belonging.
Reduced my mental list of odd jobs only see it increase again.
Writing this list and realising there's a lot more I could add.

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