Friday, April 03, 2020

Let's talk about Oreos

"Distraction, distraction, distraction". As Tony Blair once didn't quite say, as far I know. Here's a pretty good snippet from an article about why the Labour Party are in their current state of disrepair and why we now have a woefully inadequate Tory Government.

Having got that out of the way it's time for further distraction and the ongoing use of a smaller font size. Never a popular choice with the older readers but why should I care when I'm already one of them and in a permanent state of bemusement anyway? I'm peering into the dark most days.

So on to the main part of today's business; showing some love and appreciation for the twin "pillow pack" version of the chocolate covered Oreo. Arguably the greatest chocolate biscuit of our day, not too big, not too clumsy but just right as Goldilocks might have said. They arrived from out of the blue a couple of years ago, often on special offer in supermarkets and they have, in my opinion moved the humble (and let's face it over rated) naked trailer trash Oreo and the Oreo brand, which is pretty over exposed with a range of crossover products, decidedly up market. 

Actual naked Oreos are OK but not a patch on their funky chocolate cousins. They are available in both white and regular coverings. Yum. These are the current kings of the biscuit piles and aisles with no contemporary competition. So forget your ancient Kit-Kats (even chunky), shrinking Clubs and thin Breakaways, these are the best and the ones to buy or shoplift depending on your own anarchist tendencies. They are a very special snack and will, with care, stand a little dunking if you like that sort of thing (I don't). Rumour also has it that a regular dose of Choc Oreos can help reduce Covid 19 symptoms as well as kill the actual virus*, all provided that you belong to the elite blood group that is Type O+. 

*Disclaimer: none of this is actually true but they do make you feel good.

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