Thursday, April 16, 2020

Political Science

World leaders everywhere are now discovering that the science of science is quite a different thing from the science of politics. Who'd have ever thought that? The problem is that in science it is perfectly acceptable, indeed it is applauded when a Eureka moment occurs (ok, not always i.e. Einstein) and a change of direction takes place. Heads are scratched but in the end the evidence wins out. 

In politics however, where self awareness and self honesty do not seem to exist (in fact cannot exist it seems) such moments are deemed to be impossible, inconceivable and if they did exist they'd be considered to be traitorous and the (honest?) individual suffering from this "delusion" might well be hung from the nearest lamp post or indeed 5G mast. 

Such are the dysfunctional and crazy times we are currently living in. By the way if anyone is in any doubt my current opinion of our heroic and well adjusted Tory Westminster Government MPs is that they are a complete bunch of greedy, useless, self serving *****, but you knew that anyway.


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