Friday, August 07, 2020

Cemented Steps

A day of cement fixation has passed, thankfully. I'm taking steps to design steps to build steps to future proof the various awkward levels that exist in and around our garden. It seems that older folks can become confused and disorientated if the world they view fails to meet their own slightly distorted expectations and sensory perception. They might just crash to the ground as if struck down by Jehovah and break a bone or two or get a nasty bruise the size of a Steam Punk tattoo. This can lead to loneliness, isolation, time in A+E and a morbid fear of the people who shop at the Co-op. So I'm working on a long term solution for our garden grounds in order to stay safe.

The design part requires kick starting with a few vacuous thoughts that generally lead nowhere, sad to say this involves imaginary bricks orbiting around my head as the Blue Danube plays in the background, this is a bit disappointing and not helpful. The building part, which takes place in the real world, involves a lot of trial and lot of error and some cement mixing and the heavy lifting of blocks and slabs. Also getting things level is suddenly important. All potentially quite disappointing and frustrating for the inexperienced builder if there are failures. Then more of the same as I correct the various unplanned mistakes a few times over while the unruly cement quietly sets impatiently in the background, deliberately thwarting my progress. 

Phew! Done now for the day and at no time did I use or even consider the Golden Ratio and how I might apply it to the construction project, perhaps that's where I'm going wrong. 😕

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