Monday, August 10, 2020

Unspectacular Success

Guessing that nobody wants to hear about how Blogger's new and "improved editor" is as clunky as an overweight pig in a MacDonald's dustbin so I'll not mention it here. I am clearly of an age and attitude where any improvement generally looks like some sort of corporate cost cutting step backwards. This seems to apply to just about everything. It may be that on one balmy night as I slept the deep and untroubled sleep of the just and righteous, the meaning of the word "improvement" was changed by order of a Papal Bull, the Illuminati and the Kremlin and the dire consequences are only now lapping up from my flooded basement wetting my cold toes. Subsequently I also missed all the related woke-based activity and outrage on Twitter and so this significant linguistic change simply passed me by. Not for the first (or last) time either I'd imagine. Life is a series of awkward, unstoppable events. Why am I just realizing this?

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