Saturday, August 15, 2020

Textures from the concrete swamp


A working title: Textures of building materials viewed as if seen through the downward facing camera of a tiny Martian lander that's run off course somewhat and is about to touch down on some small construction site on the wrong planet altogether. In fact it failed to leave this planet (it's home planet) and has been flying around confused and out of control for some time, now it's power is running low, it needs a solar recharge so it's seeking out a suitable spot for a reviving nap.
It's an unlikely scenario I know, but I do wonder about all the nano tech applications that are taking place and how they just might intrude on normal life in unpleasant ways or perhaps run amok and fly into nostrils, microwaves and shower nozzles or be absorbed into the food chain in some strange way.

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