Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Almost Satisfactory

Never easy to capture a cat either in real life or via a camera. Satisfactory cat pics are rare, here are two. So if you're now lulled into things by my cute cat photos, good. Here's reality as it stands:

I suppose we are living in an unsatisfactory world and definitely in an unsatisfactory country (the rogue and lawless state known as the UK). We are headed down the tubes, BJ and Co at the reigns and clueless in a way only stupid, selfish, privileged people can be. It seems to me now that the time for complaining or ranting is over, it's way too late for that. We just hold on tight and observe the train wreck that is happening (whilst not gloating at the eventual mess). Only a proper disaster will wake up and shake up the systems and jaded electorate that voted these liars and criminals in and allowed this to happen. The best thing now is to plan for a better future beyond the next couple of years. Gird your loins, grit your teeth and try not to panic as the speed of the slide increases and the impacts thump us about the head and bank balance. I just hope we can get through without a full on blood bath. Just remember the Tories and the Brexit boys and girls will do their utmost to blame everybody else come the day and the media will yet again shield the guilty and blame the poor.

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