Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hejira - Live

Sometimes you just need a quick rerun of Hejira to move the day along and settle the mind. Live version but without Jaco Pastorius on bass. No Ibanez GB whatever number either, just a Strat. Still pretty good.

This is what I'd call a punctuation post, one that's been created and typed out but really there's no actual content or critique other than me saying I quite like the video or picture I've added. It's cheap and cheerful (rather than cheap and nasty) but I cant deny it's really just filler. Well perhaps this small paragraph isn't actual filler because now that I think about it I'm writing something at least original, I'm also being honest about the process of posting on line. Some days there's a lot you want to say or at least you have a clear idea and other days there's zilch so you just self aggrandize or promote with some random content so as to fill that empty space and satisfy an imagined KPI regards the frequency of your posting. I don't lie awake at night worrying about any of this, it's just a sort of gentle pressure valve that releases gentle pressure. I like the feeling of putting "something out there" regardless of the actual quality, that's pretty shallow and obvious I admit. Make a splash, cause a ripple, perhaps something will happen. Maybe I should have used "Take a pebble" by ELP rather than Joni Mitchell but there's really no comparison.Tomorrow is yet another day, there's a pattern to all this.

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