Friday, September 11, 2020

Brave New Worlds

"They are just going nowhere. We are just going nowhere. There is no hurry, no need to be anywhere now. Just stand in the misty blue and the low glow of a faint sun in a faint sky. Enjoy that strange sense of space. Imagine the trees and the vegetation that were once there, like in old films and picture books. Now that's a pretty thought. Imagine they could come back or that you could drink the water or breathe without a mask and just keep walking. These are good thoughts if a little troubling. Counselors can help if it all becomes over acute for you. They check for signs. Inner peace is always there within you."

"There once was a time, that's a fairy story told to the few children we produce, when all sorts of things happened outside, even battles and sports and construction projects, wildlife and animals too. Nobody stays out too long in this anyway, there are risks, someplace around a 7 if you're over your allotted 15 minutes. We usually start the 'count down' or 'count back inside' I suppose at minute 9, just to be safe. Just to stay safe." 

"I heard that "stay safe" is the most popular phrase and greeting in the known world. It's on all the relay messages along with a thumbs up and a smiley face. It's on the Coca-Cola containers and the meal trays. We're good to go. We'll come back out next month for a few minutes recreation, assuming that there are no major changes or any major climatic events. We'll be well warned. There's a nightly bulletin and regular updates. The atmosphere monitors are very precise and active at all times. I means we can stay safe. Strong, stable and safe." 

"I guess we're all happy with that.You know that when you find yourself in the right place you can truly be all that you want to be. The people are friendly too and so calm and relaxed. Just enjoying sharing screens together and those kindly inspirational messages they pass across between sectors is all so rewarding. We like those cute and calming phrases they use and the pleasant music playing in the background. We've a lot to thank the large corporations, Mr Putin and the Trump family for, we are very well protected now. They've been so good to us".

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