Saturday, September 05, 2020

Not in the same boat

Short and unreliable quiz for your tea break. 

So what's playing on the fishing boat's radio today? You can make tiny guesses or rather large guesses. I'm not sure what the difference is apart from size and I'm unsure as to how you measure actual guess size. 

So I'll go first and suggest that it's a Radio 4 program just randomly playing, possibly "Woman's Hour" or as a second guess (of indeterminate size) I'll say Radio Forth (as the boast is fishing in the Forth) and to be more precise I'll plump for Forth 2 with the catchy strapline "the greatest hits". Third guess (unsporting I know) is that it's VHF Channel 16 in case there's any trouble out there.

Next question: Is "and" a better and more useful word than "but"? Asking for a friend.

Next question. What is the fishing boat fishing for and (no but) just saying "fish" is not an acceptable answer. Is it a) Mackerel using baited lines? b) Lobster using kreels or c) Crab using kreels.

Next, next question: Is the boat facing east or west or is it steadily rotating clockwise?

Final question: Estimate the crew size i.e. not heights and weights but actual numbers.

Thank you.

Whatever you think, remember ... there is no answer.

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