Wednesday, September 16, 2020



All of my favourite pieces of logical art are in fact meaningless.
This statement is meaningless.
My art teacher used to say, "you have to find the form in the subject".
It was his fall back statement and unstoppable mantra.
Nobody ever understood what he meant.
After he'd dispensed this sage advice he seemed tired.
He returned to the staff room for coffee and cigarettes.
Once there he wondered how his life had led to this.
How it was so different from the dream.
Or so I speculated at the time.
But he loved Miss Wishart.
And his Triumph Spitfire.
Some teachers were cruel, some mysterious.
He was thin.
Like an early version of David Bowie.
(Who'd yet to shine).
"Why teach art anyway?"
I have no doubt that was an important question.
If you're an artist why teach art?
So I asked myself.
And so did he.
You still need to pay the bills.
And get over yourself.

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