Thursday, September 17, 2020

Gas Fired Electric Soup

OK, it's not really electric and I know that means something else but it's soup and soup powered by high speed gas (was there ever slow gas?). At the moment, as it's cooling in anticipation of that magical "second day maturity" that applies to all Scottish pots of soup, I'm thinking this may be one of my better, possibly best soup concoctions in recent times. Here in our lowland croft with our subsistence existence based around the rival Tesco and Aldi marques, the quality of the soup (when in season) is critical to our strategy of lying low but thinking high. Even more so now that the Covid shit has hit the Tory fan. Survival is key and reasonably nutritious regular food is vital if we are to win out in this war of attrition based primarily around competing elements of gross stupidity and toff schooled biased ignorance. A Touch of Grey? We will survive.

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