Friday, June 03, 2011

Light and shade and sunlight

Today the weather surprised everybody, Edinburgh basked in 25 degrees - unexpected. We chose to go out in the crazy heat and visited the Camera Obscura and on the way up the five flights of stairs that take you to the original attraction were seduced and confused by the numerous effects and exhibits that guide the way to the top. There are too many to list but I like the sparky stuff (as above), the maze of mirrors and the vortex. "To infinity and beyond" seems the best way to sum it all up. Go see.


  1. did you see Robyn, Phil, Des and i took Dan and Tom there the other day too? fabulous if a little too many stairs for my foot...I did a lot of sitting down. Boys were ecstatic with excitement x

  2. I did, we were just passing by and decided to go in, never been there in my puff. A bit like Ripleys, great fun.