Monday, June 27, 2011

Morningside Daily Photo

HUGHES & SONS: A well established fishmonger that calls itself a fish emporium rather than a fish shop, a fish retailer or a centre for the disposal (by sale involving the exchange of valid currency) of fish and other edible sea creatures. If only there were more shops like these, but if there were would I actually go in and buy some the lovingly prepared and very attractive fish that's on display? Probably not, I'm more likely to go up to the Tesco Metro 100yds away and buy a packet of fish fingers. That's exactly what's wrong with the world today, poor education and the chronic failure of teachers to pass on the correct technical knowledge about types of fish, how to fillet them and what wine to gently quaff whilst eating them. Notice how confidently older folks are when they go in and buy fish, they really know what they are talking about.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Morningside large gatherings of uncontrolled wheelie bins take place as if taking part in some Hindu or Communist street festival or slow parade. These multi-coloured pavement blockers are everywhere, herded together like unwanted elephants hungry for pizza boxes, beer bottles and unread newspapers. From time to time pieces of fruit and vegetables are also deposited there by cocky students and health freaks wearing no shoes. There has to be a better collection method, makes me wonder how do the likes of Stockbridge and Corstorphine cope. Perhaps there needs to be more competition between urban areas in the area of mobile garbage receptacle use and placement. Unfortunately ugly, primitive and unhelpful in the way of environmental regeneration. Whatever happened to the Top Cat design of dustbin? Oh, and it's hard to park any kind of Chelsea Tractor on the cobbled streets.

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