Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Economic Model Army

New Les Paul, needs a little work but plays well enough.

Economics for the economic.

Buying things in batches is working nicely these days and, thanks to my recent PhD in economics is allowing me to develop a new purchasing strategy that I intend to use for the rest of my life or at least until the end of the month. Successful batches so far:

Meal for £10 from M&S - Wine, chips, sponge pud and cheesy meatballs.

Les Paul from Boffer, £40- Guitar, bag, electronic tuner, two sets of strings, lead, strap,plectrums and misc. booklets and cds. (guitar is a Gibson (?) has bolted maple neck, rosewood, humbucks and (after an hours worth of fiddling) easy action.)

Emergency bulb set from Halfords £16 - Loads of auto bulbs, set contained the bulb I needed which was £17.99 on it's own!

Laptop bag and funky mouse from Amazon £18 - HP bag and mouse that changes colour in a trippy way.

So bundles and batches are the way ahead and I think it could signal the end of the crunch if applied across a range of applications and situations.

The fantasy and the reality.

At last the FF1 has got going. A certain amount of parallel processing gave us team combination issues but that seems to have been sorted if a little after the deadline. I may well be deducted points for failing to pass on key text messages about changes and the fact that this was in the middle of the night is no excuse. The prize pot is £120, could get a nice Scaletrix bundle for that.

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