Sunday, March 29, 2009

You in your small corner

Another game another corner another goal and no the pitch in this photo is not maintained by Fife Council, you can tell because a) it has grass b) it is flat and c) the flag stays in place.
We had a nice meal with CBQ and Ann last night, Ali cooked and I got in the way. After a few wines and slurps I moaned a lot (as did some others) about modern life, airports, TV programmes and all the things that irritate folks of a certain age. For a few hours it was as if this blog and CBQ's (on the right) had come to life in some strange dimension where the 70s never ended and everybody was "fair and reasonable" - Utopia you might think, but for a brief time we all lived there until somebody switched off the lights due to some bill or other not getting paid.
Today the sun shone in spurts so after the customary Sunday AM football (almost thwarted by the need to alter time pieces the world over) it was out into the garden for some "green gymnastics". This involves thrusting a spade into the ground and then lifting out great clods of worms and muck and then putting them back in roughly the same place but upside down, not unlike trying to sort out your sock drawer I guess. Ali assures me that after a few weeks of this healthy exercise and some ritualistic bending over, we will encourage certain vegetables to grow and ultimately we will eat them or share them with friends. This theory flies in the face of a lifetime's experience spent obtaining vegetables (but not on a regular basis) from shops whilst buying useful things like wine, Kit Kats, super glue and newspapers. I'm sceptical but my curiosity has been aroused so on with the experiment and the growing as the new age of gardening and possible self sufficiency dawns.
Fantasy Formula 1 has started well following a brief panic yesterday, the threat of lost points and stalled text messages could have inflicted a critical blow on my campaign but they were cured by a late brunch and use of predictive text. Today I'm 4th, Ali is 1st and my blind faith in Brawn GP has been fully justified.

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